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One step backwards - Resident Evil 0 for Wii?

Famitsu says the GameCube prequel is Capcom's latest porting project

Resident Evil developer Capcom is porting the GameCube prequel to the Wii, Famitsu is reporting. Although Capcom isn't telling us anything.

Jeux-France has scanned in the page detailing the port, but as we can't read Japanese there's little we can do other than stare at the not-so pretty pictures.

Internet translators have picked the article apart, however. Apparently, Capcom is planning a Japanese release for Summer 2008, so no doubt we'll see it on European shores just before Christmas.

Players still take control of Rebecca and Billy, but the game has been developed to be played using only the Wii Remote.

We yelled at Capcom UK for a serious response, but only received 'No comment'. We did try though, the boss made us. Not quite confirmed yet then...