Asterix at the Olympic games

Bit of a disappointment, this, seeing as how the Wii version was an unexpected little gem. Well, maybe not an exceptionally brilliant gem, but definitely an entertaining one.

This, on the other hand, is just like - wait, have you read Nick's Mario & Sonic Olympics review? Well, this is a little bit like that. A hell of a lot of touch screen scrubbery to no real satisfying end.

For starters, they've deleted all of the fun stuff from the Wii version - the plot, the platforming nonsense, the puzzles, the voice work, the punching Romans clear out of their sandals.

All that's left are the various minigames that make up the actual Olympic events, which involve a random mixture of swiping, sweeping and stabbing at the touch screen.

The absence of any kind of plot to draw you through leaves things feeling a bit abstract, and as you have to unlock each set of events one by one, it also gets a little repetitive.

Still, there's a lovely easy-play practice section, and the good news is that there's over 40 different sports on offer. Youngsters will be delighted by this, while you'll probably feel indifferent.

Nice to see all the favourite events are in, though - like traditional Egyptian hula hooping and the good old Ancient Greek pillar toss.

The verdict

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