360 Bully multiplayer footage

Head-to-head with Scholarship Edition's oddball multiplayer games

All things going well the Xbox 360 and Wii versions of Bully: Scholarship Edition should be in stores this Friday. They're both pretty much the same game you may have played on PlayStation 2, but under the non-Daily Mail rousing moniker of Canis Canem Edit.

We'll have final impressions of the 360 version later this week, but in the meantime take a look at the direct feed movie of the 360's multiplayer games in the player to your right.

They're basically short, two-player affairs that shouldn't be taken any more seriously than the 'bully' bit in the game's title.

We played them once purely for filming purposes and, to be honest, that was more than enough. Too much like real school for us.

And how are we supposed to know all the locations of the states in the US? We've only ever been to E3 in LA...