Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures

We build up everyone's favourite stubbly action hero in what could turn out to be the best thing he's in this year...

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However - we're not going to buy it for the cut-scenes (well, actually, maybe...). The game too though, even at this stage, is a joy to play. Lego Indy features the usual jump-in-and-out co-op play that made the Star Wars games such a laugh for two players. Without the second player, Indy's sidekick is controlled by AI, but can be swapped to using Y whenever they're needed for certain puzzles.

Even in the opening levels we encountered a few head scratchers. Like working out feisty tavern-owner Marion can jump higher than Indy so is needed to retrieve a key for a puzzle. And that you need to lob chairs and bottles at a gun-wielding Toht who's taking cover behind a bar in order to defeat him. Like all the Lego games, it's a very simple game to play and enjoy but it's not all mindless leaping and fighting.


Later scenes will include the Temple of Doom's mines - expect some mine cart riding and devil worshipper slaying (although possibly not a big horned man holding aloft another man's still-beating heart - that's not so family-friendly). While we didn't get to see those, from what we have played there's little danger they'll be another other than a romp-a-thon of genius set-pieces.

Not since the big pirate Lego ship our parents' eventually bought us after we spent the best part of a year whining, have we been so looking forward to something branded up with the Lego logo. There's not too long to wait either. Lego Indiana Jones is due for release on June 6th. Mark the date.

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