Army of Two demo bit late to the party

It's out tomorrow, after the game launch. And only for Xbox 360

Hello, Xbox 360 owners. Been heavily pondering whether to stump up the cash for EA's Army of Two? Then hold on to your money till tomorrow because a demo's out April 1.

Yep, unfortunately for those only owning PS3s, the demo is an Xbox 360 exclusive. Expect a co-op training missions bundled with action in Somalia in the taster. The full game is available already from your local games emporium.

"Everything that we loved about the game before is still great - including the essential co-op mode, the blinging weapon customisation and the brilliant slow-mo back-to-back bits. Equally, the removal of many of the game's irritations makes for a far smoother ride", PSM 3 magazine said in its favourable review of Army of Two.