Funcom debunks Conan in-game ad rumour

No plans for it now, the developer tells CVG

Funcom has decapitated rumours that its MMO Age of Conan features in-game advertising, although it says it can't predict what may happen in the future.

Rumour on the support of in-game ads stemmed from a screenshot purportedly leaked from the ongoing Age of Conan beta, which is said to have featured the game's EULA - which in turn purportedly carried details on in-game advertising.

But Funcom's product manager Erling Ellingsen has told CVG, "No, Age of Conan does not feature in-game advertisement", in response to our query on the rumour this afternoon.

Ellingsen added that he can't foresee what the future will bring, however, but added "there are no plans for it now".

How the hell would in-game advertising work in Age of Conan anyway? "I'll have 10 fantasy boar Whoppers please. To go..."

And while we're here, we'll take the opportunity to pimp our recent video interview with Ellingsen on Age of Conan, and this exclusive gameplay footage from the MMO.