Ikaruga finally hitting XBLA tomorrow

Are you ready for the shoot-'em-up of bonkers-ness?

Treasure's crazy shoot-'em-up Ikaruga has finally been dated for Xbox Live Arcade - it releases on the service tomorrow.

Ikaruga's a speedy 2D scrolling blaster in which enemies litter the screen as do billions of projectiles trying to blow you up - while you're piloting your space ship.

Your ship can be either white or black - as can enemies and their bullets - and you're immune to bullets of the same colour. The twist is that bullets do more damage to enemies of the opposite colour. Clear?

This means that as you twitch-dodge incoming fire around the screen, you have to think carefully about whether you want to be safe (same colour as the majority of on-screen enemies) or if you want to wipe them out quickly by being the opposite colour, but rendering yourself more vulnerable.

More on Ikaruga here. It'll be 800 MS Points, which is £6.80 in pocket money.