Sierra inks Prototype deal with DC Comics

Radical Entertainment's ultra-violent videogame to get the comic book treatment

DC Comics and Sierra are collaborating on a comic book series based on Prototype, with the first issue to appear in August.

The game, which is in development at Radical Entertainment, is ultra-violent and the sandbox nature of its design leads to hilarious unscripted scenes of destruction. It's set in New York City where genetically modified anti-hero Alex Mercer is battling against the military and nasty monsters.

In fact, there's a heap of details in this recent preview.

"We're blown away with what Sierra and developer Radical Entertainment have shown us of Prototype, and know with absolute certainty that this will make for a terrific comic book," says Hank Kanalz, VP and general manager of WildStorm, the DC imprint under which the Prototype comic book will be published.

"Prototype's back-story, visuals and gameplay are stunning, and we have every intention of bringing those core pillars to our book because this is a great opportunity to expand on the world they've created, and build something new and interesting for comic book fans."

Prototype is due later this year on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.