Ace Combat 6 DLC out tomorrow

Six planes revealed for Fires of Liberation content

Microsoft has confirmed that downloadable content for Ace Combat: Fires of Liberation will be ready over Xbox Live tomorrow.

The content comes in the form of six new planes. Prices will vary, with the cheapest plane being for nothing and the more costly of the bunch costing 400 Microsoft Points.

Aircraft fans can look forward to using the Typhoon, SU-47 Berkut, F-16C Fighting Falcon, Tornada GR.4 and the Rafale M Idolmaster. We don't understand what any of these planes are. Or if we've even got the names right. But the screenshots look pretty.

Air Combat 6: Fires of Liberation received a nice 8/10 from Xbox World 360, which said: "One of the prettiest games you'll ever see and the best air combat going."