Dragon Quest Wii dated, screens

Wii sword slash-'em-up out May 9

Square's Wii game with the longest name, Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors, is out here on May 9.

That's official confirmation from the horse's mouth, along with 19 new screenshots to whet your appetite.

DQS isn't the typical RPG-style game the series is most known for. Played from a first-person view, you wield the Wii Remote like a sword, slashing your enemies with full arm movements and blocking their attacks with a pointer-controlled shield.

Although your auntie Maureen probably hasn't heard of it here in Europe, the Dragon Quest series has sold 43 million units worldwide, most of that in Japan, and Square hopes the craze will eventually catch on here.

See this preview of DQS for loads more info, and screens below.