Video: Funcom talks Age of Conan PvP

The developer talks us through the MMO's PvP mini-games, promises more news on siege warfare soon

In our video player on the right you'll find a new Age of Conan video focussing on the MMO's PvP solutions.

Gameplay footage is accompanied by Funcom's Erling Ellinsgen talking us through what we're seeing. The majority of the video looks at the PvP mini-games - which include Capture the Flag and kill-as-many-player-as-you-can modes - and it ends with the little tease that the developer will be opening up in greater detail on Age of Conan's siege warfare shortly.

Siege warfare is the game's big end-game PvP action in which guilds battle for control of keeps and use catapults and stuff.

We're sure you know, but just in case you don't, Age of Conan launches here on May 23.