Blackstar Chronicles revealed

New MMO combines space and planet-based battles

Blackstar Chronicles is an MMO in development at Spacetime Studios which is combining space combat with planet-based battles. Make of that what you will.

The studio, which consists of developers that have previously worked on Wing Commander, Privateer, and Star Wars: Galaxies, describes Blackstar Chronicles as the single-player traditions of Wing Commander merging with the multiplayer feel of Descent.

"Set in the far future, Blackstar is a fresh universe full of wildly original space fighters, horrifying demonic enemies and epic drama", it adds, Spacetime Studios art director and co-founder Jake Rodgers calling Blackstar Chronicles "a very powerful product".

The developer's merging sci-fi and fantasy genres in its game, and promises that both space and planet-based combat will be real-time. So potentially a bit like Tabula Rasa then but with dogfighting in the stars.

There's a trailer viewable here which gives you an idea of what to expect from Blackstar Chronicles.