Nintendo explains Euro Brawl wait

Other games and additional languages to blame...

Nintendo Europe's senior marketing director Laurent Fischer has blamed the Smash Brothers delay on the sheer amount of titles Nintendo is currently producing for Europe.

"You need to see it title by title," he told Official Nintendo Magazine. "It's the same team, the same pool of teams, that have been localising and that have been proofing.

"But localisation is only one thing: production is another thing also, because at the moment we are not just producing Smash Bros for Europe, we're producing hundreds of first party games and third party games for locations all over the world."

Fischer said that Nintendo also had to record six different sets of voices for some characters, which added to the time needed. Good going considering most of the characters in Nintendo games are unintelligible anyway.

"I realise that from time to time we have still been disappointing some people," Fischer added. "We know that we are still not reaching the expectations of all the people, but we're really doing our best to resolve this."