Free Army of Two maps this week

Co-op and multiplayer map pack on PSN and XBL from Thursday - video inside

EA will throw new Army of Two co-op and multiplayer maps onto XBL and PSN this week - for free!

The Veteran Map Pack will hit both consoles on May 29 - that's this Thursday - packing two new co-op missions. One places you underground in a subway station in Kiev where you must "find and destroy the central hub of a dangerous militia."

The other, as EA explains, takes you "back to SSC headquarters in Miami where they finally get the chance to take out Dalton, Rios and Salem's ex-boss and the man responsible for framing them, in an intense boss fight".

And for the multiplayer mode, you'll get the China Canal Lock map. And you won't have to pay a penny.

Check out the new levels in action in the video to the right. That's free, too.