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I'm leaving. Today.

Sniff. Dave here. Hello, and goodbye too. Yes, it's a sad day. This is my last day working full-time on PSM3, so it's time to say 'Cheerio'.

Yes, I'm off today to pastures new, and this is the last PSM3 blog I will ever write. So here, to mark my passing, is a list of standout moments in my three-and-a-half years on the mag. In no particular order, incidentally...

1) Day one, where I spent a leisurely few hours playing through Resident Evil Outbreak File 2 - not a bad way to be introduced to a new job.
2) The day PS3 arrived. Massively exciting it was, although not quite exciting enough to distract us from our lunchtime PES session - which was, of course, still only on PS2 at the time. How I'm going to cope with a job where I don't play PES every lunchtime is, frankly, beyond me.
3) Ace trips to San Francisco (twice), LA, Tokyo and - as recently as three weeks ago - Vancouver.
4) Andy being inspired to try skateboarding after playing Skate, then knackering his ankle about three seconds into his first session and selling his new board again immediately.
5) Laura DM, the girl that sent us several increasingly graphic sketches of Dante, culminating in an image of him, erm, relieving himself on a beach - with only a copy of PSM2 covering his modesty.
6) Reviewing lots of games, although I never managed to get a solid 90%-er - Burnout Paradise's 89% was the highest mark I ever gave to anything. The lowest? 15% for He-Man on PS2. Worst PS3 game? Conflict: Denied Ops. Obviously.
7) The day Crash Bandicoot turned up outside in an ice-cream van, doling out ice lollies and vodka and red bulls. For some reason. Yet we continue to this day to take scathing pops at him. Sorry Crash. (No, we're not.)
8) GDC 2007 - witnessing the first ever unveilings of Home and LBP, as well as being part of a select gathering to see a Killzone 2 trailer that hardly anyone else ever has. And then drawing its events in crayon on the Last Laugh page. And seeing some fluffy LocoRocos which I remain adamant is a sign of Sony working on LocoRoco for PS3. It's definitely happening. Definitely.
9) Writing some of the worst blogs we've ever done - that 'anagrams of games characters' blog? The Big PSM3 Team Member Trivia Quiz? The 'which game characters look like which celebrities' blog? I'm the guilty party there. Sorry.
10) The release of loads of great games - Shadow Of The Colossus, Call Of Duty 4, Resi 4, Hitman Blood Money (possibly my favourite game of the 46 issues I've been here (issues 57 to 103, the mag we're working on right now)), Guitar Hero, Ratchet Tools Of Destruction... ace all. And GTAIV, of course. Curiously, I started on PSM3 about four weeks after San Andreas was released, and I'm leaving about four weeks after GTAIV comes out. Nice symmetry, there.
11) That Rock Band photoshoot. OK, I wasn't in it, but I was the one pressing the button on the smoke machine. Imagine that, eh? But the whole thing was a huge laugh.
12) Attending the UK press unveiling of PSP, and witnessing first-hand just how tall Phil Harrison really is.
13) Wading through the often mad entries to the 'win a PS3' competition. And we still stand by our choice of that comic as winner, by the way.
14) Milf talking about Metal Slug all day, every day. It's the only game he ever really plays. Isn't it Milf?
15) Generally just looking forward to coming into work every day. It's a nice feeling.
16) And lastly, of course, reading the feedback from all you readers. I love you all. Well, most of you. Although not like that, obviously. I didn't even mind those occasions when you emailed to tell us about those rare spelling mistakes that I deliberately left in to test you. Honest.

So that's about it. I'll still be freelancing for PSM3 mind, so you haven't quite seen the back of me yet. Keep enjoying your games - remember, PS3's only just getting started.

Take care all.