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50 things to do in GTA IV pt. 1

Feature: Secrets, chaos and all sorts of tomfoolery

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09 - Use Zit to spot the song
One of the best things about the in-game advertising is that it works when you try it. The websites advertised online are accessible through the computers, and the billboard phone numbers work too. Like this advert for Zit - give the number a call (948-555-0100) and Lazlow will text you the name of the song you're listening to on the radio.


10 - Mystery missions
Every so often, a mysterious 'person' icon will appear on your map. The character you meet varies, but they'll usually have a mission for you - or even free money. Some characters only appear depending on your live/die decisions in missions. One girl is being beaten by her brutish boyfriend and Niko can offer to 'help' in the usual way. Another excellent mystery mission-giver is Jeff, a paranoid maniac who's convinced his wife is cheating on him. Worth completing if only to see how it all ends. Funny, eh?


11 - Change your phone's theme
As well as ringtones, there are several themes to kit out your phone, and more unlock as you progress through the game. We quite like the Ecola one. It's a play on E-Coli, obviously. The only problem with the themes is that the text can be hard to read. Head to any tw@ internet cafe to buy a phone theme.


12 - Have upside-down sex
Hookers are nothing new in GTA, but their actions are much more graphic, with three price levels - although you technically still don't see anything naughty. But we've found a bug that's quite funny.

If you invite a prostitute into your car and flip your vehicle by crashing, you can still ask them for their services while you're upside down. We know it's fun to 'experiment', but surely this can't be possible? Anyone seen Crash?


13 - Get a new ringtone
After a while, you'll need an upgraded cell phone to complete one of the missions. But you'll soon forget about what you're supposed to be doing, as it opens up a whole world of possibilities. Yep, just as in real life, you can spend all your money on impractical but obviously amazing ringtones and wallpapers for your handset. Just log onto on the in-game internet and get your wallet.


14 - Set a fire, put it out
Hold the fire button while inside a fire truck and you can use the hose. Not only can it knock over people and cars, but blow something up and you can douse the flames. Incredible.


15 - Outrun the cops on flats
Why not try outrunning the cops on a motorbike with no tyres? Just shoot up your hog, hop on and see how far you can go without braking. Our record? About five seconds. It's easier in a car, to be honest.


16-17 See a cabaret show
The Incredible Kleinman - A sort of circus-style magician. He's rubbish though, and manages to throw a knife into his assistant's shoulder. But she gets him too with a 'handy' guillotine.

Ms Bluesy St John - Doesn't seem to be very funny or particularly entertaining. You'll be somewhat transfixed by those legs, though.

Dusty Cowpoke - Puts on a mime show of a Wild West shootout. We don't know what else to say - and nor do the crowd, who aren't too impressed.

Catch - A juggler. He starts off with normal juggling batons before moving onto barbecue implements. He drops one at the end and pretends that he didn't. Probably the worst act in the game.


18 - Find the go-kart track
A go-kart track? Oh, yes. Sadly there aren't any karts left lying around to race on it, but that doesn't mean you can't spawn a supercar and test it out, like we did above.

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