Mii-like avatars on Xbox Live

Leaked info seems to confirm Microsoft's Mii program

Microsoft may be planning to bring Mii-equivalent avatars to Xbox Live, judging by information leaked all over the internet.

According to Kotaku, the now-plugged leak detailed documentation that said the avatars will replace Xbox Live gamer pictures and "provide a more lifelike, animated, and fully customizable persona."

The avatars will be implemented into "various arcade and retail games" as playable characters. And you thought Frogger couldn't get any more interesting.


There will also be hundred of clothing options for those who feel the need to customise their virtual persona further.

From the looks of a leaked picture (see below), some of the outfits could well be licensed by products and companies. So expect to pay 200 MS points for a virtual Halo T-shirt some time soon.

Shockingly enough, Microsoft has yet to comment on the subject. But you can read more on MS's leaked E3 line-up here.

(Wii avatar featured in news promo)