Lego Batman

Preview: Prepare to clean up Gotham, Lego-style

We were worried Lego fatigue might have been setting in. Lego Indy, god bless it, is a terrific romp, but a romp we've, erm, romped through before.

Lego's about freeform creation, but these games always end up looking exactly like the picture on the front of the box. But we think Lego Batman may just buck the trend.

For one, Traveller's Tales have never been so confined before. The flitting from film to film of Star Wars and Jones allows for an exciting grab-bag of locales and characters, but locked into the streets of Gotham they only have Batman and Robin to work with.


Expect fleshed-out characters to develop combat from a stunted limb bash-a-thon to a proper Dark Knight smackdown. Oh, and a spot of dress-up too.

Padding out the flimsy hero roster of two are 'suits'. Extended capes for gliding, demolition suits for shattering blockages, magnetic suits for a spot of metallic wall climbing and a tech-suit that allows Robin to take control of vehicular gadgets.

The rumours of a George Clooney suit with enemy-impaling Bat-nipples was actually started by us, just then.

Caped capers

The enemy side of the story is veering more towards the template, with villains changing from mission to mission, each with signature moves.

So while the Joker melts security guards into Lego skeletons with his hand buzzer, Harley-Quinn woos the others with a sexy wiggle of her hips - which is, for a lump of contorting plastic, surprisingly sexy.

Still, the idea of seeing Gotham1 through two very different sets of eyes (or are they? - Batman geek Ed) should mix up the formula.

We don't expect the bad-guy story mode to differ greatly - but the Joker's vibrant villainy makes a change from ol' broody chops Indy.