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Article: Oh won't you please take me HOME?

2008 was billed as the year PS3 will rise to riches. It's already gone pretty well so far, with the console enjoying massive launches such as GT5, GTA IV and MGS4. But there's plenty more still to come.

Sony's E3 press conference kicks off on Tuesday July 15 at 7:30pm GMT and although Sony hasn't been the leaking barrel of holes that Microsoft has over the past few weeks, we're expecting it to have a lot to talk about.

Above all else, one face-smashing, jaw-crunching game comes to mind - God of War III. If reports are correct, Kratos will be making his debut at the show in trailer form. Devil May Cry 4 was good, but we're expecting Kratos tearing jaws off the faces of Gods in 1080p to make us smile from ear to ear. Literally.


Although it's not expected to be playable, and it's not out until 2009, we're hoping Sony will show off at least one in-game execution.

There should be plenty of hands-on action elsewhere in the list of already-announced PS3 titles, though. We'll be shocked and disappointed if we don't see the single-player campaign of Resistance 2 in playable form. And if we're lucky we might hear more on that mental-sounding 64-player multiplayer mode.

It'll be nice to get more of a look at Sony's other two shooters, Killzone 2 (maybe even a level that isn't quite so grey) and Socom: US Navy Seals Confrontation. If that's not enough FPS for you, keep an eye out for the PS3 version of Bioshock, complete with new content.

Racing fans will see more of MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, which was looking good back at Sony's PlayStation Day in London. It's time to cough up the more interesting courses promised, like one with lava and an erupting volcano.

And if we're really lucky Polyphony might even pull its finger out and show off a little of Gran Turismo 5, or at least give us a peek at the damage system that's planned as an update for Prologue later this year.

LittleBigPlanet is certain to make the show - and in near complete form, too. We might even get a final release date out of Sony, with it currently confirmed for September. Who knows, Sony might even announce the PSP version, which we exclusively revealed a few months ago.


Speaking of release dates, Home needs one - desperately. It'll be toys-out-the-pram time if Sony doesn't announce one after all the delays. Sony says it's on track for autumn, but we won't be happy until we get a proper date.

Also on the application side of things, we expect Sony to reveal a little more of the PS3's video service planned for launch on the PS Store this summer.

The PS Store should be in for a fair few treats, too. Pixeljunk Eden, the latest download-only game from the boys responsible for the brilliant PixelJunk Monsters, should make a show, hopefully in playable form. And we'd put money on Sony revealing a few more PSN titles.

As for juicy E3 rumours, there's been much talk of Sony announcing PS2 games as downloads for PSN, although we think it's unlikely. A break-apart, motion-sensitive PS3 controller was also tipped, Sony supposedly wanting to take more of Wii's motion control pie.

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