E3: Mystery over Resistance 2 countdown

Viral site begins week-long countdown to... something

Mystery countdowns are always a good way to get the fans chatting, and that's exactly the tactic the viral site for Resistance 2 has employed.

The rather bizarre alternate reality site, titled Project Abraham, now sports a countdown timer which, at the moment, is set at seven days, 11 hours and 55 minutes, while a live-action video plays above.

What it's for we don't know, but we do expect to see more of the game in Sony's pre-E3 press conference which starts tonight at 7:30pm UK time, and throughout E3 during this week.

It could be when the site will next update with more bizarre content that makes no sense, or maybe even something to do with the actual game. That would be nice.

Check it out for yourself here.