E3: Viva DS tutorial movies

New screens too for Rare's DS debut inside

Under the THQ banner Rare's handheld version of its popular gardening sim will be with us this autumn. Here's a load of in-game movies walking you through the process.

Features include:

  • Customization: Design a beautiful and welcoming garden environment to attract piņatas, working up to rare and exotic breeds.
  • Caretaking: Ensure the happiness of piņata residents by tending to their needs and maintaining the garden environment.
  • Collect Them All: Complete the Piņata Pyramid with over 60 piņatas to collect, including 7 brand-new species.
  • Training Missions: Carry out missions with characters from the TV series, including favorites Hudson Horstachio, Fergy Fudgehog, Paulie Pretztail and Franklin Fizzlybear.
  • Multiplayer: Transfer items - any piņata, accessory or object - from your garden to a friend's garden. Some exotic species can only be attracted using this feature.
  • Playground Mode: Create a lush garden in a short amount of time.

Shots and movies below.