MGS4: Codec Moments

50 reasons to replay Metal Gear Solid 4 again and again and AGAIN!


1: Altair's Costume
Want to sneak around in an Altair outfit? You can do it in two ways. First up is by collecting the Assassin emblem (defeat 50 enemies with CQC holds and knife kill, plus a maximum of 25 alert phases) or entering a password (which Konami has yet to reveal).

2: The Bandana
Snag the bandana by finishing MGS4 without killing a single person. Or just buy it from Drebin for 5m points (2.5m in Act 5). Wearing it also grants Snake infinite ammo.


3: Suit Up
Want to look suave stalking the streets of Eastern Europe and the Middle East? You need to get your hands on Snake's slick suit. To obtain it, just complete the game once. Be warned, though, it's not very useful for staying out of sight.

4: Rebel Rebel
The South American rebel disguise is another outfit you can get your hands on pretty easily. Simply rescue the rebels at the beginning of Act 2 by taking out the PMC member. The rebels then open up the door to the house behind them where, rather handily, you can find the disguise.


05 - 10: Camo Attack
Big Boss: One of the toughest face camos to get, you need to complete MGS4 in under five hours on the unlockable Boss Extreme mode.

Laughing Beauties: Simple to snare, just defeat bosses without using lethal force. When they've shed their skin tranq 'em in the face for the camo bonus.

Drebin: Everyone wants to play as the arms dealer. Just get hold of the 60-plus different weapons in the game and you'll be awarded the Drebin face camo. Shame about the hair, though.

Raiden: Another extremely simple camo to nab. During the Mission Briefing stages take control of the MK.II during any one of these scenes, and ram into Sunny with it. To unlock Raiden Camo B, just ram Naomi with the MK.II during Act 3's Mission Briefing.

Colonel Campbell: Easy one again: just take control of the MK.II once more during the Mission Briefing in Act I and ram Campbell with it. Now you can run around the jungle with the face of yet another withered old man just like Snake.

Otacon: Getting hold of the geeky Otacon face camo is really easy, and you can do it any time you want. Again, just operate the MK.II and ram it straight into Otacon, and the face camo will automatically become available for you to use.


11 - 15: Making the most of the Camera
Camera Man: Fancy taking a few pictures along the way? Then during the game's Mission Briefing cutscenes take control of the MK.II, and make your way to the end of the Nomad where you'll find the handy gadget. If you wait until Act 4's Briefing to find the camera, you'll be rewarded with an exclusive pic of Naomi in the Photo Album.

Poser: If you've got the camera in your inventory during face-offs with each of the Beauties, equip it during the 'white world' phase that each one enters after shedding their armour. Once you do that they'll all strike poses for you. How nice.

Ghost Hunter: There are 30 different hidden ghosts in the Shadow Moses maps.The only way you can see these spooky apparitions is by looking at them through the lens of the camera, and by having the Sorrow Doll equipped as your weapon.

Picture Perfect: Export your camera pics to your XMB so you can share them with the MGS-loving world. Head to the Main Menu; select Photo Album; select the pic; choose Normal Upload; confirm export and then head to the Photo option in your XMB.

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