Scarface 2 confirmed and canned at the same time?

Sequel joins Ghostbusters and Brutal Legend on cutting room floor, says report

A sequel to 2006's decent Scarface game has become the next victim of the Activision Blizzard merger, according to reports.

Variety's Cut-Scene blog claims that a follow-up to the 2.5 million-selling crime game is not on the "very short" list of franchises being carried over from Sierra to the new company.

Ghostbusters, 50 Cent and Tim Schafer's Brutal Legend were the other high-profile titles that got the boot.

This supposedly sends the Scarface rights right back to license holder Universal, which could release the second game by itself if it's far enough down the development highway.

According to reports, Activision Blizzard is now looking to sell or close developer Radical, which would be a crime.