LucasArts "wasn't happy" about Wii Motion Plus

Star Wars dev unimpressed about being kept in the dark

The most exciting thing to come out of Nintendo's (rather disappointing) E3 press conference last month was the Wii Motion Plus, which supposedly adds 1:1 motion control to Nintendo's console.

But we were surprised to see only one game using the motion peripheral at Nintendo's press event - and it was from Nintendo itself; Wii Sports Resort.

According to the developer sources of US Game Informer magazine, it sounds like third-party studios were just as surprised to see the Motion Plus as we were - and, supposedly, many of them aren't happy.

In particular LucasArts, who we've been waiting since the very day the Wii was announced to make a proper lightsaber game, is said to be unimpressed for being left out on the Wii Motion Plus.

"LucasArts in particular wasn't happy at being kept in the dark," said Game Informer (via NeoGAF), "especially since it created Star Wars The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels specifically for the console."

Personally, we reckon the finger pointing at Nintendo isn't entirely warranted; it's obviously not been sitting on the Motion Plus for long because it's got one game to show - and even that's not out until 2009.

Still, hopefully the platform holder's closed mouth won't cause developers to shy away from the Motion Plus, because we really want that Wii lightsaber game.