"Everyone's open to acquisition," says Dyack

"Whatever it takes to make great games," says Silicon Knights head

BioWare, Lionhead, Rare, Bizarre Creations, Take-Two - even Valve, it seems every game developer is up for acquisition, and that's certainly the opinion Silicon Knights head Dennis Dyack.

According to the Too Human developer, the recent wave of buyouts will continue until there are "very few" developers left.

"Everyone's open to acquisition," Dyack told CVG in a recent interview. "The whole idea of being independent has its pluses and its minuses. Whatever it takes to make great games... so with us, or with Valve, that's just the reality of the industry.

"There are going to be a ton of acquisitions and mergers in the future and it's going to continue until there are very few left. That's probably the way it's going to go."

With these comments on record you'd be forgiven for assuming Silicon Knights has the For Sale sign up, and it certainly doesn't sound to bothered about its independence...

"[SK's independence is] important to a certain degree but it's not the be all and end all," Dyack continued. "It's funny because we've been an independent developer longer than most in the industry. There are very few that have been around as long as we have. I think we're definitely one of the biggest independent developers in the world now.

"Westwood used to be one of the big independent ones but they're gone now after they were bought out by EA. That was disappointing for me to see that happen, I certainly never want to see that happen with us. But at the end of the day we need to move towards what allows us to make great games, whether that means partnering with someone permanently or not."

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