PC Gamer Showdown FAQ

Article: All about PCG's LAN spectacular

Have a burning question about PC Gamer's Showdown LAN event? Here's what you need to know.

What is PC Gamer Showdown?
A large-scale LAN gaming tournament hosted by PC Gamer. The event boasts 500 BYOC LAN with multiple tournaments, major prizes and exclusive hands-on play. Two months of pre-qualifying online tournaments take place throughout July and August 2008, so don't miss the chance to claim your rightful place in the competition. The event will provide the first major public showcase of the latest in video game hardware and software, as well as the premiere of major upcoming PC and console titles.

What new games have been confirmed as being playable at the event?
We'll have Left 4 Dead, Dawn of War 2 and Mirror's Edge. More are coming, and we'll announce details of them shortly.

Where is PC Gamer Showdown?
PC Gamer Showdown is being held at Stoneleigh Park (also known as the National Agriculture Centre) in Warwickshire. Stoneleigh Park, (B4113, Stoneleigh Road), Warwickshire, CV8 2LZ.

When is PC Gamer Showdown?
PC Gamer Showdown officially starts 9am on Saturday 27 September 2008, however there is an additional night available (known as "Early Arrival Service") where we do not 100% guarantee the network or power but it is an opportunity to set your computer up and have a few drinks with friends before the event opens fully the next morning. This begins at 6pm on Friday 26th September.

What types of tickets are there?
The main ticket is a Bring Your Own Computer ticket. This enables the bearer to bring his/her PC/Mac to the event and plug it into our network. With this ticket you get a desk, chair, power and network connection for the weekend. BYOC tickets also allow access into the Showdown Village. The BYOC ticket includes parking for free. A visitors ticket comes either as a day pass or a weekend pass. Day passes are for 9am to 6pm daily. To gain access to the BYOC area as a visitor you must hold a full weekend pass.

How much is PC Gamer Showdown?
A BYOC ticket is £60 and visitor tickets are either £7.50 for the day or £20 for the weekend. Early arrival costs £10 (for BYOC and weekend visitors only).

Is it all just games?
PC Gamer are arranging a special quiz-show on the Saturday night, where PC Gamer writers and gaming celebrities will battle for supremecy. Want to see the PC Gamer team humiliate themselves for your enjoyment? This is for you.

Are there age restrictions?
If you are under 18 and attending on a BYOC or weekend visitors pass then you will need to complete our parental consent forms and return these to us before the event or bring them, signed, on the day. If your parent/guardian is going to be with you on-site then you do not need a form.

What eating options are available?
There will be various options onsite including Pizza, Fish and Chips and Burgers along with the 24 hour American tuck shop! Plus some other very special goodies... Don't worry - you won't get hungry!

Is there alcohol on site and can I bring my own?
There is a fully stocked bar in the Showdown Village. You cannot bring your own due to licensing laws.

Will there be secure parking?
Yes there is secured, indoor parking - free for all.

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