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360 dashboard update, GTA DLC out 'November'?

GTA IV to get 15 hours of extra play, according to rumours

The internet is reporting that the Xbox Experience dashboard will be released some time in November. As will GTA DLC.

According to the unconfirmed reports, the new dashboard will be joined in November by the release of the GTA IV DLC, neither of which have been given official dates.

Furthermore, that DLC will add around 15 hours of play to the game, claims RPG-TV.

The exact contents of GTA's incoming DLC has gone unconfirmed, but we're hoping for at least a new key character in the game to give Niko another story to work through. Even maybe a new area.

The new 360 dashboard revealed at E3 last month brings radical changes to the console's menu system, as well as introducing Mii-like Avatars to 360.