Half-price CoD 4 DLC weekend

Double XP for all too. Quick!

Not content with consistently topping Xbox Live's most played list, Infinity Wards seems to want to snap Live in half this weekend, confirming half price DLC and double XP for Call of Duty 4.

It's slicing 400 points off the price of the Variety Map Pack, so you can grab it for just 400 points on September 12-14 only - it goes back up to 800 points next week. Get it if you haven't already...

And double XP, as previously confirmed, means rapid ranking-up in half the time.

This is all going down on Xbox Live only, but it'll be PS3 gamers' turn next. "Don't worry PS3 players, because we'll be doing the same for you guys; but due to schedule conflicts we couldn't do them back to back so the PS3 weekend will be closer to Sept the 18th (I'll have a dedicated post for our PS3 users on that event), but you can expect some of the same benefits and festivities," says IW on its official site.


Anyway, have some spare controller batteries ready for the weekend...