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New Fracture webdoc released

Watch the dev team talking up the game's weapons

The latest webdoc from LucasArts concentrates on the game's terrain-busting weapons. Game looks pretty good, and a bit like Mass Effect in parts we reckon.

Here's a clip from an Xbox World preview: "Day 1 Studios' terrain-morphing shooter recently emerged from a makeover, with hero Jet Brody now sporting a regulation space marine buzzcut that spells danger for his enemies. This guy hardly needs camouflage when he's wielding arguably the least stealthy weapon since the original Turok's portable atomic bomb.

"The weapon in question is the mighty Entrencher, capable of turning large parts of the landscape into modelling clay, and the latest version demonstrated by LucasArts shows plenty of potential for some tactical fun. It can be used to raise a mound of instant rock beneath a group of enemies, flinging them high into the air or even crushing them against the ceiling - if there happens to be one."