Halo 'Maddie' reference sparks controversy

"Maddie, where are you?" spotted in Halo tease

A frame in Bungie's new Halo 3 'Keep It Clean' trailer is being taken as a reference to missing British child Madeline McCann.

Amongst various messages flashed across the screen during the trailer, one reads 'MADDIE, WHERE ARE YOU?', sparking controversy on internet forums - including this thread on the official Bungie site.

Four-year-old 'Maddie' disappeared from a resort during a family holiday in May 2007. The campaign to find Madeline has raised millions of pounds and spread worldwide.


As nobody really knows anything about Bungie's campaign expansion, or the characters that will appear in it, speculation has begun as to whether it's referencing someone from the Halo universe or Madeline McCann.

If anyone with super hardcore Halo knowledge is reading this, please enlighten us.

But if there is a character in the game who's gone missing, it's probably not the best idea in the world to call her Maddie.

We've left a message with Bungie to clear up the situation.