Video: Five minutes of Street Fighter IV

Three new characters, El Fuerte, Crimson Viper and Abel take on Ken. Lose...

Avid CVG readers may remember our flurry of excitement last week when Capcom turned up at our office with two Street Fighter IV arcade machines.

We played, took pics and filmed it too. Better late than never, here's that footage featuring three of the game's new fighters: El Fuerte, Crimson Viper and Abel.

All three were used against one cowardly Ken player who refused to venture out of his comfort zone with a new player, and so he clearly romped through the more experimental competitors.

There's over five minutes of footage there though, which should give you a good idea of how it all moves and plays (very nicely, btw).

You can also listen out for a certain CVG team member celebrating 'nutshots' in the first fight.