MadWorld might not release in Japan

Game might not see the light of day in some countries, including Japan, as Sega targets Western hit

Sega is working hard with ratings boards to make sure that Platinum Games' super cool looking MadWorld has every chance of becoming a Western hit, but the game might not be released in some violence-sensitive countries, including its native land Japan.


Sega reps told MTV Multiplayer that the company's in regular contact with the Entertainment Software Ratings Board in the US to make sure the Wii exclusive receives only an M rating, supplying the board with regular builds of the super violent black and white - and blood red - title.

The publisher also said that releasing MadWorld in markets that don't usually take well to violent games, like Japan, Australia and Germany, wasn't part of its strategy right now, but that it would evaluate its wider release strategy if the game's a success in the US after it comes out in March 2009.

After the Daily Mail labelled MadWorld 'the most violent game ever' to appear on Nintendo's Wii, claiming it would 'dramatically transform' the console's image as a family-friendly system, Sega UK defended the game, telling this reporter that "MadWorld features fantasy violence in a cartoon environment, aimed at a distinct 18+ audience."

According to the MTV report the company's sticking to its guns and there's no need to worry about the game being toned down too much as it's still "plenty violent right now". From the sounds of it though, there's every chance MadWorld could turn out to be the next Manhunt 2.

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