Fallout 3 Censored for Japan

Bethesda says the Japanese edition of Fallout 3 will be subjected to content cuts

Blood content will undergo moderation, according to Bethesda (tranlated press release), and the game's 'Power of the Atom' side-quest will no longer feature the option to detonate a nuclear bomb. The name of a weapon has also changed as it was deemed "inappropriate" for the country.

Fallout 3, in recent months, has been familiar with the policies of content censorship. Two weeks ago the game's trailers were requested for removal by the ESRB, and the critically acclaimed RPG undertook a major toning-down to be granted Australia's delicate MA15+ rating after the game was refused classificaton there. Microsoft had also announced that the game will not be shipping to India, citing 'cultural sensitivities'.

The game is sheduled to launch in Japan this December.

You can click here to read Fallout 3 lead designer Emil Pagliarulo's keynote on the issue of censorship, and here to read Thom Dinsdale's approach to the issue.

Source via Kotaku.

Article supplied by Edge-Online