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Gears 2: The post-mortem

Interview: Cliff Bleszinski dissects his Epic sequel post-release...

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Resident evil 5's appearance at the Tokyo Game Show was the debut of a whole new Resident Evil control scheme, based on Gears' controls. Has western game design surpassed Japanese design? (Matthew Connor)

Cliff Bleszinski: I have a tremendous amount of respect for the game designers in Japan. I mean, I was born and raised on Nintendo - Miyamoto's games. I realised growing up that everything I loved was Japanese at one point - Transformers and Shogun Warriors and Anime and Star Blazers and all this stuff. Good games and good developers tend very much to be influenced by one another and I don't think it's necessarily limited to the US, Europe, and Japan. I think Gears of War was probably influenced by Resident Evil 4 which was a Japanese game and so to see Resident Evil 5 being influenced by Gears - a western game - is very much a... Well, I saw those guys backstage at E3 before we did the briefing and they were sorta like (pointing) 'Gears of War!' and we were all like 'Resident Evil!' In a way, I don't want Resident Evil to be more Gearsy, because I work on Gears - let Gears be its own thing and let Resi be its own thing.


(Following on from that...) do you think the change in controls will force Capcom to change the way Resi 5 plays? (Tony Willson)

Cliff Bleszinski: I don't think they'll have to re-jig the level design but if for instance they add the ability to strafe a little bit while targeted that could affect the difficulty loop and they may need to affect enemy movement speed as well as how much damage enemies do - those are all variables that aren't impossible to tweak.

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