New Prototype media leaked

First glimpse since Vivendi-Activision merger

A new batch of Prototype screenshots and footage have emerged on the internet - the first since its ex-publisher Vivendi merged with Activision.

Radical Entertainment's (Scarface) open-world mutant spree is one of the very few games Activision decided to hold onto after the Vivendi deal, and you can see why - it's still looking quite promising.

To bump those who've forgotten up to speed, the game puts you in the role of a hooded protagonist with experimental, mutant powers. Around him is a city at war with mutants infesting the streets and lots of military types out to shoot them. This preview should tell you a deal more.

Apparently these shots were intended for the CES show next month, but obviously they've leaked all over the shop before the event's managed to open its doors.

Thanks to Kotaku.