Fallout 3: The Guide

Make it through the post-apocalyptic wasteland...

Bought FALLOUT 3? Getting it for Christmas? Either way, Making your way through this massive post-apocalyptic wasteland isn't an enviable task, as there's a vast assortment of vile creatures ready to rip your limbs off. And with over 50 hours of travelling in front of you, we reckon you'd best go out there equipped with help on how to find and finish all of the major quests, grab all of the Bobbleheads and anything else that will get you through your travels with the minimum of fuss. Onwards...


  • A lot of places (especially on the eastern side of the map) can only be reached via the numerous Metro tunnels that litter the world. So if you find your path blocked, try the nearest train station.
  • Create a TON of new save files as you play, as it's very easy to have the game mess up your adventure, leaving you high and dry. DON'T rely on just the one save file!
  • To save yourself a lot of time hunting for Stimpaks, you can sleep in any un-owned bed for an hour to completely heal any crippled limbs and regenerate all of your health for free!
  • Always keep an eye on how much weight you're carrying around. If you try to carry too much, you'll slow right down, so combine any weapons or dump anything non-essential. Fast Travelling between areas will save you a LOT of time when the option becomes available, but you'll have to have reached the place normally the first time.
  • Have a selection of apparel with you that boost specific skills (such as Barter, Speech, Science etc), as these can be equipped when the time is right, to give you the edge.
    Choose skills that'll suit the kind of character you're creating. A 'Jack-of-all trades' isn't a master of any, so decide on what you want to specialise in early on and stick to it.

There are 13 main quests that you need to complete to see any one of the four major endings that the game has to offer. As it was in Oblivion, there's always a multitude of ways to reach the end goal of beating each quest. We'll look at each of the missions in turn, giving you a few ideas of how you can choose to complete the main missions.

Mission 1
Baby Steps
So... this is where your long adventure begins. Crawl over to your dad and once he leaves the room, open the gate and head to the 'You're Special!' book on the floor to your left. This is where having previously decided what type of character you want to be, will prove very handy as you distribute your points between the following areas:


You have five points to spend here, but don't forget that you can take away some from one area and put it into another area should you prefer (and DON'T go over nine points in any one area, as the Bobbleheads later on will help you max it to ten!). Once you've assigned your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. skills, follow your dad out of the room to finish the mission!

Mission 2
Growing up Fast
Once you've taken ownership of your very own funky Pip-Boy 3000, have a quick word with Amata and she'll give you a comic book for your birthday. So go into your Pip-Boy and switch to the Aid screen and select it to permanently increase your mel´e attacks by one point. Now speak to Old Lady Palmer to get your sweetroll, which in turn will eventually make Butch mad.

Once you're finished annoying Butch, your dad will take you to see Jonas downstairs where you'll get a BB Gun. Assign it to your D-Pad and then hit the three targets at the end of the room, finally killing the Radroach using the VATS targeting system. Once your picture's taken you'll complete this mission and move onto the next one...

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