50 Christmas Games Reviewed!

Your one-stop shop to a half century of Yuletide crackers.

Xbox World 360 lists its 50 top Xbox 360 games for this Christmas...

Alone in the Dark
Not perfect, but an ambitious, enjoyable horror romp set in Central Park. 71%

Assassin's Creed
A beautiful Middle Ages-set platformer with a brilliant, twisting storyline. 90%

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & bolts
Rare's overhaul of their classic franchise is genuinely funny, very clever stuff. 85%

A creepy, brilliant shooter, set in one of gaming's most compelling worlds. 94%

Rockstar's "GTA in school" is technically rubbish - but hugely rewarding. 84%

Burnout Paradise
A beautifully addictive addition to a quality racing franchise. You'll love it. 90%

Call of Duty 2
A bit long in the tooth now, but still an intense, nail-biting blast through WWII. 88%

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
A stunning FPS that marries a short, sharp campaign to an amazing multiplayer. 92%

Call of Duty: World at War
Heading back to WWII, the new Call of Duty doesn't hit the heady heights of Modern Warfare, but still delivers a great FPS, packed with meaty set pieces, excellent weaponry - as well as vehicles in its extensive multiplayer. 85%

Colin McRae DIRT
A little under-appreciated on release, this is a racing game you need to play. 80%

The original Condemned is still the best one... and it's genuinely scary too. 89%

A genetically-boosted GTA, this is a brilliantly addictive superhuman sandbox. 88%

The Darkness
An incredibly violent, and superbly scripted, romp from the makers of Riddick. 82%

Dead Rising
Flawed, nails-hard, but great fun, this is a supreme marriage of gore and laughs. 90%

Dead Space
It steals plenty of ideas, but this is still an irresistably slick sci-fi horror game. 91%

Devil May Cry 4
The latest in this silly horror franchise is an opulent slice ofshooting excellence. 81%

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Quite simply, the best RPG on 360 - and possibly one of the best RPGs ever. 94%

Fable II
A charming, gorgeous seasonal adventure game, with belly-laughs aplenty. 90%

Fallout 3
Only Bethesda could provide an RPG which took on the immense brilliance of its own Oblivion, but this masterly update of the old post-Armageddon futuristic franchise is a must-play. An awesome world on a disc. 93%

Far Cry 2
Pop a few malaria pills and marvel at the technical glories of the African locale. 87%

FIFA just gets better. No footie-loving gamer should miss out this Christmas. 81%

Forza Motorsport 2
One for true motoring obsessives - we've never seen a racer with such depth. 83%

Gears of War 2
The original was a balls-out, chainsaw-wielding classic, but the sequel ramps everything up. Online and off, this is a testosterone-stoked orgy of blood, destruction and Grade A gunnery. 91%

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2
Thousands of online gamers can't be wrong - better levels and bigger battles. 90%

Liberty City is a gaming masterpiece. Defiantly, our number one game. 98%

Halo 3
All those years of anticipation, and few were disappointed. Crucial shootery. 95%

Left 4 Dead
This awesome online shooter from the makers of Half-Life is one of the cleverest, scariest and most beautifully structured games of 2008. It also might be the first true co-op game. Buy it and be blown away. 91%

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