Download PSM3's Sackboy knitting pattern... HERE

... produced by the 'GTA of knitting', Alan Dart


A few issues back, we promised to make our Sackboy knitting pattern - produced by world-acclaimed designer Alan Dart for our sister mag Simply Knitting - available online. And you can click through to download the hi-res PDF...

Click here.

The original designs - as seen in the mag - feature 'classic' Sackboy, plus a variety of hard-to-explain outfits including Sackboy dressed as a waiter. Or possibly Daniel Day Lewis from There will be Blood. That's what happens when you leave the dressing up to a knitting magazine. Our Sackboy would've looked mint in a mu-mu, fat guy hat and open toe sandals. But there's no accounting for taste.

The patterns were designed by leading toy knitting designer, Alan Dart, who's so acclaimed in wool-bending circles, that his designs help shift thousands of extra magazines. So he's their GTA. And definitely not, say, their Dark Sector. Check out He does a particularly fetching bear pattern called 'Robin the Twitcher', which we're sure has a different meaning from when we were young.

Happy knitting. Or rather 'Happy persuading a loved one to get knitting'.



p.s. If you do knit up a Sackboy, send your pictures to, or go to our facebook page.