Naka's action game turned into Let's Tap

The power of the Wii Remote compelled him

We were recently given the opportunity to have a face-to-face with the mighty Sonic creator Yuji Naka. And those sorts of opportunities you just don't pass up, even in sub zero temperatures that make travelling across central London very dangerous.

Naka was in town to push Let's Tap, Prope's first game that doesn't even bother using regular videogame conventions like a boring old controller. As the title suggests, it all about tapping. But where did such a bizarre idea come from?


"Originally we were developing an action game and as part of that there was a test being done to find out about the sensitivity of the Wii Remote sensor," Naka told us. "While in talks with a developer I tapped on the Remote and it showed some readings. Through that we realised the Wii Remote was far more sensitive than first thought."

Out went plans for the action game by the sounds of it as Prope's first title was born. "As an example you can be tapping a desk that the Remote is on and it will still pick up the vibrations. The sensitivity of the Remote picking up that vibration was the whole concept for the game."

Is that what you call fate? Look out for the full interview with Naka over the weekend. We'll drop you a line via the CVG Twitter if you're a follower.