KIllzone 2 review 'scandal': Edge vs The World

Why 7/10 review score is... oh, who cares?

If you haven't noticed, Killzone 2's been scooping universally huge review scores, with a Metacritic average of 92. The first ten or so reviews came in at a in-no-way reactionary 100%, before a few websites dare to break ranks and give it, er, 96. So when Edge Magazine's 7/10 review score was released, some internet fan sites reacted with customary restraint - dismissing Edge's writers as contrary, doom-peddling, attention-seekers and labelling their review as 'wrong', as all subjective opinions tend to be. Oh, good.

You can read The Edge review here.

Or read Metacritic's Killzone 2 page.

How did the internet's more committed game sites react to Edge's score? PSX Extreme (no clues there) weren't very happy, claiming "we advise all of you to ignore the desperate-for-attention, we're-going-to-prove-our-elite-status so-called "review" from Edge that has the entire Internet talking."

Click to read PSX Extreme savages Edge.

So while the pot dusts itself off...

Popular, sensible, games blog Kotaku were more measured, suggesting "In modern day review terms, in which the scale typically runs from 6 to 10, with 6 being nigh unplayable and 10 being "perfect," we have a problem on our hands. Or do we?

No. We don't."

Kotaku defends Edge.

Kotaku continues, "One of the neat things about Edge is, it has a hard-on for innovation. Even neater, it uses the entire range of the scale, not just just comfortable 6 to 10 zone. Clearly, when reading the written critique of Killzone 2, the issues it takes with the game's characters, story (or lack thereof), and gameplay clichés, the numerical score provided to it - seemingly the most contentious aspect of the review - begins to make more sense."

Our take? Who cares. You'll know what you think when you've played it - and in the meantime can make up your own mind *thanksverymuch* whether Edge's review is, as suggested, madness. If you even care. Edge's anomalous score is sort-of irrelevant, as it exists within its own internal universe, not the '80% is a bad score' world of metacritic-moulded consensus and ardent fan sites, so the only debate is whether Edge's words, and opinions, correlate with your feelings about the game. Or are consistent within Edge's own universe, which is a thornier issue we're not willing, or qualified, to explore.

Do Edge's opinions agree with ours? Largely, yes. Did we give it 70%? No. Make of that what you will.

Pah. Let's cheer ourselves up by reading what the world's biggest Killzone 2 fans had to say about the game. While Edge's score does stick out, we're slightly more excited by some of the more expressive writing below, including suggestions that Killzone 2 makes you feel like being in an actual war, and may cause you to fill your pants, or make your eyes pop - which may, or more likely not, be true. To make things more fun, we've 'reviewed' some of the reviews below, which makes us feel clever.

Note: We're aware this is a cheap, tongue-in-cheek, pop at other people's work, and may involve the trajectory of stones in a fragile, transparent, living space but if any inexplicably offended website is considering doing the same to us, we'd just like to add: we've never made a mistake or mis-spelled a word. Ever.

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