Singularity: New shots, details

8-Page exclusive on Raven's FPS in new PC Zone

New shots and details have emerged on Raven's time-travelling FPS Singularity, from the latest issue of PC Zone.

It's the "most amazing shooter you'll play in 2009" (in the very literal sense), says PC Zone, as you'll be blasting objects into the 1950s with chronostasis and shooting pure time at baddies with your fingers. What's more amazing than that?

The game begins in 2010 with your character, US Air Force pilot Nate Renko, being flown to investigate strange readings from a mysterious ex-Soviet Union island.

Here he discovers Element 99, a secret weapon developed by the Russians during the Cold War, and the Time Manipulation Device which lets him conduct all sorts of chrono trickery.


"The TMD can project items dusted in E-99 into a future state, or revert them to a previous state," says PCZ. "For example, as enemies rush across a bridge to attack you, the glove can be used to propel the bridge through time, across hundreds of years in a matter of seconds. The effect? Well, the bridge decays under their feet and they fall to their doom."

You can even age enemies on the spot until they're nasty, crumbling skeletons, which looks cool.

What's more, mysterious timewaves on the island occasionally blast Nate back into the past - the 1950s to be exact - standing in the exact same spot but 60s years earlier. Expect Prey-style portals, grenades which 'freeze' time and even big, bug-like 'time ticks' to shoot at.

For more details and many more screens, see the exclusive eight page preview in PC Zone issue 205, out February 18.