CoD4: Double XP, new playlist, cheap DLC

Infinite Ward plotting big things for next week

If you still can't crowbar yourself away from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare's admittedly brilliant online multiplayer, next week is going to be a big for you.

Next week Infinite Ward will temporarily slash the Variety Map pack down to half price, add a new 'Hardcore Headquarters' playlist and flick on the Double XP switch - for both Xbox Live and PSN players.

We'll let Infinite Ward explain the details:


"Starting Tuesday Feb. 24th, the Variety Map Pack will become 50% off for those of you who still need to pick it up, leading up to the promotion, I'll also be giving out tokens to download it for free on Twitter. When the last weekend of Feb. hits, starting Friday Feb. 27th and going until Monday morning, we'll be flipping the ol' mighty Double XP switch one more time!

"That's not all though, I plan on pulling an All-nighter on Friday the 27th in my attempt to finally reach Level 55 10th Prestige, and I want you guys to help get me there. To do that, we'll be adding a new playlist to the rotation.

"The Hardcore Headquarters playlist will be added on Friday 27th along with Double XP for the most XP heavy sessions you will ever see. Who's down for a little Hardcore Headquarters on Shipment?! Carnage will ensue."

Get the Red Bull in.

[Source: FourZeroTwo]