IW wants your Modern Warfare 2 ideas

Official Twitter launched, asking fans what they'd like to see in the next CoD

Infinity Ward is asking fans what they'd like to see in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, via the newly-launched IW Twitter.

The #MW2 app went live yesterday and within hours was already the #2 most talked about topic on Twitter (just behind American Idol). Imagine what'll happen when they actually show the bloody game...

"This is a fairly unique social media experiment in terms of using it to solicit feedback for game design", community man Fourzerotwo said of the app. "So any comments, suggestions, or feedback on how to make the #MW2 app even better is always appreciated.

"However, the ability to see real-time feedback and conversations about Modern Warfare 2 feeding through the app is only the beginning. The best part is the ability to vote on suggestions and rise in the ranks on the Leaderboards. Allowing us to quickly check the top rated suggestions, and reach out to the users with the best suggestions to hopefully include them in future events, beta tests, or community days."

Check out the IW Twitter here - and don't forget to spy our one while you're at it too. It's dead funny, it is.