Street Fighter IV too difficult - HD Remix man

HD remix designer lays into Street Fighter IV

Chief designer of Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, David Sirlin, has called out the problems he has with Capcom's fourth instalment, calling the game too difficult and flawed online.

Writing on his blog, Sirlin says that he doesn't think Street Fighter IV is quite the casual-friendly fighter 10/10 reviewers claimed.


"When I read about the 100/100 scores, I see again and again how 'simple and elegant' the game is," he writes. "Two super meters, a 3-tier focus attack system, and all the complications above seem to fly in the face of that. Even more though, I hear how 'casual friendly' it is.

"Extra button presses to throw, extra button presses to roman cancel, and many, many extremely difficult link combos work in concert to create that impenetrable wall of execution between you and the actual game," he adds.

Moving on to the online mode, Sirlin questions Capcom's choice to give players the option to abort ranked matches and criticises its handling of lag.

"Some SF4 matches I played had large input delay, maybe as high as 15 frames. This is the time between your button press and seeing the effect happen. Adding input delay is really the worst way to handle lag.

"GGPO's amazing netcode shows that avoiding input delay and hiding lag in other ways is the way to go. That technology has been readily available for years, so it's disappointing to feel input delay in an online match."

To be fair, we agree with him over accessibility - Street Fighter IV isn't an easy game to get into if you've never played the series before.

Thanks, OXM.