Wii PES: New trailer, details

Enhanced AI, improved control and added modes

Konami's released a new trailer and details on the Wii version of PES 2009... which should probably be renamed PES 2010 now.

The Wii version boasts "enhanced AI, "added game modes" and "improved controls" over last year's game, including an enhanced version of the 'point and drag' system. Options for Classic Controller or the Wii Remote held sideways are now also included.

New modes include the introduction of the UEFA Champions League, an expanded Champions Road mode and PES Master League from the other console versions.

"A greatly improved online mode" is also promised, with support for up to eight players competing online at once, using two consoles with four players on each.

It's out on March 17. Enjoy the video.

Update: A Konami spokesperson has contacted CVG to amend its 17th date, which is actually March 27.

This video is no longer available