A Boy and his Blob returns on Wii

UPDATE: NES classic reborn on Nintendo's box with lush visuals

Unfortunately named and bloody brilliant NES classic A Boy and his Blob is being remade for Wii, the latest issue of Nintendo Power reveals.

The new version, headed up by WayForward (makers of the excellent Contra 4 on DS), continues the gameplay mechanics of the David Crane (Pitfall) original which had a boy and his morphing alien mate solving puzzles and getting decked by bouncing pixel... things.

Like the original, by feeding the Blob different jelly beans he'll transform into various objects to help you along, such as a cannon, ladder or parachute. The Wii remake looks absolutely lush, as well.

Read more about it in Nintendo Power's page excerpt.

UPDATE: Majesco's put out the official announcement with awesome screens. It's out later this year in Europe.