BioShock 2: The story so far

Feature: All the gritty details on 2K's sequel

2K's BioShock 2 teaser campaign is underway, and it won't be too long before we finally unravel all the secrets surrounding the much anticipated return to Rapture. Before then, here's everything we've managed to decipher from the cryptic messages and shady images on 2K's viral site. Possible spoilers ahead...

The Mysterious Kidnappings

"Local fisherman Eamon Clune, 44, and his wife Charlotte (32) were awoken by the sudden shattering of a window in the front room. Moments later, his daughter Maura, age 7, screamed. Mr Clune rushed to investigate the noise only to notice the unknown attacker racing out of the broken window with 'incredible speed'

"Due to the moonless night, Clune was unable to provide a description of the assailant. He notes that the attacker was thin, above average height and wore some kind of 'red light.'" - Newspaper cutting There's Something in the Sea


It's 1967, seven years after the events of the first BioShock and a wave of child kidnappings are sweeping coastal towns bordering the Atlantic, each one linked by its own mysterious circumstances.

So far young girls have been snatched in Spain, Ireland, England and France, going by the documentation on the Something in the Sea site, later to be joined by events in the United States on the other side of the water.

It seems that the thin and swift "assailant" (more on that in a moment) described in the newspaper cuttings is searching for something specific in the girls it's targeting, as one story reports a break in at an orphanage full of children, yet only one girl is taken.

The daughters being kidnapped can't possibly be random pickings, so what's special about them? From the evidence so far we know that girls aged between five and seven have been snatched, each with similar appearance. Other than that there's not much documentation linking the children, though it has been discovered that two of the missing share the same surname ('Dumas') and could possibly be related.

Could these children be in any way related to the Little Sisters freed from Rapture seven years ago?

The Red Light

"Last night, a New York bound shipping vessel radioed a general SOS after spotting a rapidly moving red light underwater 50 miles offshore, described as resembling an 'underwater flare'." - Newspaper cutting


Wherever there's a kidnapping, it seems a "mysterious red light" in the sea is never far away. So far every kidnapping along the Atlantic coastline in Europe and North America has been accompanied by a sighting of the light. So what is it?

Of course now that we know what the assailant - the "Big Sister" - looks like, it's possible that the red light is simply the creature's helmet as she travels the sea floor. Unlikely, considering the short time between kidnappings along the coast, but possible.

One Spanish sailor reports encountering a "submerged vehicle" near the Atlantic. "While trying to avoid its approach, he nearly capsized his small vessel," says one paper report. Could the "red light" be some kind of submarine?

The light is reported to move at a speed of around 30 knots - roughly the speed of a nuclear sub. Another interesting link is the town the first incident occurs in; Liscannor. This is the the birthplace of engineer John Philip Holland, creator of the first submarine to be commissioned by the US. Coincidence? We think not.

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