PSM3's Resident Evil Week: The 10 most memorable moments in Resident Evil history

From Lickers to Brad Vickers, PLUS! PSM3 Podcast Update

Trying to pick 10 stand-out moments from a series that is basically all stand-out moments isn't easy, but we've scoured the depths of YouTube to bring you what we think are the ten moments that define Resident Evil. But have we missed any of your favourites? Let us know in the comments below.

1. Resident Evil 2
Leon's first encounter with the Licker

Up until now your only enemy has been the shambling undead, then suddenly this fiend rears its ugly, salivating head. The moment hasn't lost any of its impact or perfect tension-building. The eerie silence pierced only by the sound of dripping blood then that cut-scene merging seamlessly into the gameplay; it's everything we love about Resident Evil condensed into fifty seconds.

2. Resident Evil
Zombie introduction

This guy's the Resident Evil series' first ever zombie, and what a fitting introduction. The quality of the CG may be laughable by today's standards, but that lingering shot over his shoulders is still awesomely creepy. Then the head drops to the carpet and you just know the shit's about to hit the fan. Here's hoping you chose to play as Jill, otherwise you'll have to deal with him using Chris' combat knife. Yikes.

3. Resident Evil 3
The Nemesis kills Brad Vickers

Brad 'Chicken Heart' Vickers is the S.T.A.R.S. helicopter pilot who leaves Alpha Team stranded in the woods at the beginning of the first Resi. He comes back at the end and saves them, but his cowardice is punished big-style in Resident Evil 3 when the Nemesis skewers him with a pointy tentacle. A classic unexpected shock moment. Poor Brad.

4. Resident Evil
The live action intro sequence

Despite the student film production values and questionable acting, seeing real people and live-action FMV on our PlayStations in 1996 felt like the future. Now it's merely a source of comedy. We like how the flimsy budget means they have to artfully avoid showing any of the zombie dogs; just an occasional stock shot of their snarling mouths. It's pretty well cast though, especially Wesker. Where are these guys now? Perhaps Justin Lee Collins can do one of his 'Bring Back...' shows on it.

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