2K: BioShock 2 definitely bound for PS3

Not exclusive to 360, as is being rumoured

2K has reaffirmed that Bioshock 2 is bound for PS3, following speculation over the possibility of it being a 360 exclusive.


Rumours on the internet claim that Microsoft has been gunning for another timed exclusive with the sequel, fueled by a recent release schedule from 2K that listed the game's platform as TBA.

A 2K rep has however confirmed to CVG that the game is definitely coming to Sony's console, although we're awaiting word back on whether or not the game will be a timed exclusive like the original, which released on 360 over a year before the PS3.

The game is set to feature in the next issue of the Australian Official PlayStation Magazine (according to this pic), however, which could hint that the game's not too far off for PS fans.

Meanwhile, we've pulled together all the plot details and hints that have trickled from 2K so far into one handy feature. Check it out.