How to score bigger, quicker on Resident Evil 5's Mercenaries mode

Resi 5 mini-game's secrets explained, plus tried and tested playing tips

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Once you've unlocked them, both Wesker characters are effective too.

You might have some problems with the boss characters. Especially the 3 Chainsaw Zombies on the Ship Deck. They seem to have more health than the Story mode versions, go down at around half health, but get back up again. Use a Magnum character, get to a safe spot, rinse and repeat. There's also a Rocket Launcher at the start if you climb up. It's right next to the zip line.

The Mines level is quite easy once you get down a certain rhythm. The only problem is the reapers. Without stronger characters unlocked, you're just going to have to aim precisely under with Chris. (Don't forget the 90 second time bonus on the really tall ladder in this level.)

Lickers are relatively easy to take out with grenades, and usually fairly easy to dodge. Just make sure you have another power weapon as a backup.

The zombies that tranform into ugly Clam-like guys with a weird hip (Worship map has a bunch of these) can be killed instantly with a Flash Grenade. No need to shoot the hip/mouth.

Speaking of the Worship map, the Time Bonuses are quite small and quite far apart. You don't get much time from them, so you have to make sure you just keep that Combo going, in anyway possible. Memorising where the bonuses are, and learning from trial and error is key.

Keep a health item, like a spray, on one of the D-pad quick selection points, because it's easy to get swamped when letting enemies build as part of a huge combo; or getting trapped on scenery and stitched up - one huge attack, like the fat bubble zombie's tummy bite, can decimate your health, leaving you stumbling around vulnerable tapping the circle 'resuscitate' button.

Any other tips for Mercs mode? What are your best scores? As ever, let us know below.



p.s. Sorry for lack of blogs. Deadline. Again. It will happen again, but at least you know the reason - and the next issue's a belter, at the risk of setting expectation too high.

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